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They whipped themselves up to a battle frenzy, biting their shields and howling like animals. They were ferocious fighters and seemingly insensitive to pain while this madness lasted. In their rage, they even attacked the boulders and trees of the forest; it was not uncommon that they killed their own people. The belief in berserks can be compared with the belief in werewolves — both are magical transformations of humans who assume the shape of a kindred animal.


Anonymous asked:

Romione: "That’s a good look for you."

iamgrhoot answered:

Title: Lost Cause
Pairing: Ron + Hermione
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author notesThe second I saw that quote, I immediately thought of Romione + Rose and feeding time. The idea is simple and cute and it’s probably a mess and hard to understand, but I think I’m happy with it. xD. Thank you so much for the request, nonnie!

If you want me to write more drabbles for specific pairings, then feel free to take a look at this post and then shoot me an askI would be much obliged!

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